The Clifford O. Imudia Memorial Foundation is dedicated to honoring the life and beliefs of Late Clifford Imudia. Clifford passionately believed in the need to improve the quality of life for people around him. With this backdrop, Clifford O. Imudia Memorial Foundation seeks to respond to diverse community needs that focuses on health, education, human and social services, as well as community development.

Our mission is to support the weak and most vulnerable through diverse educational and healthcare programs, and professional growth and development in Oza-Nogogo and neighboring communities in Ika South Local Government Area (LGA), Nigeria. Ika South LGA is a rural community located in the southwest region of Nigeria.

The Clifford O. Imudia Memorial Foundation hosts “Eat, Drink, and Give” annually in Tampa Florida. Our goal for this event is to raise donation for our medical missions, scholarships, and medication dispensary projects. During our previous medical mission trips, we were able to identify a hypertension prevalence rate much higher than the global average with over 50% of the population suffering from high blood pressure and none of the patients were receiving treatment. In addition to this, we discovered that although the diabetes rate was within normal range, these patients did not have access to treatment to monitor and control their blood sugar. Our program will not only be providing much needed medication but will also screen patients on a monthly basis, and provide education on disease management.

Although our organization services rural Nigeria, our foundation’s main office is located in the Tampa Bay area and our donors and volunteers are primarily from here. Our foundation operates solely on the generous donations of our community. Below are lists of categories for possible donation for the different projects of the foundation.


We are a tax exempt non-profit organization and will be able to provide you/ your organization with a receipt for your donation.


We kindly appreciate your time, consideration, and assistance in honoring the Late Clifford Imudia.

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