Alison Rodriguez, MPH, BSN, RN

Alison has been working and volunteering in the healthcare industry for over 12 years. She began her journey in healthcare as a volunteer at a local hospital as a teenager. Upon graduating high school, Alison enlisted in the United States Air Force, where she served as a Public Health Technician focusing on global health, epidemiology, communicable diseases, infection control, food safety, and occupation health. After her time with the Air Force, Alison returned to college to study nursing. Alison has worked and volunteered as a RN in healthcare settings to include community outreach, dialysis, women’s health and infertility, quality assurance, and regulatory.

Alison is a first generation American and the first University graduate in her family. While serving in the Air Force she also attended college part-time earning an Associate’s degree in Public Health. She later earned her RN and an Associate in Nursing. She then continued her studies, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing within a year.

Alison joined COIMF’s efforts in January 2017 as a graduate student with the University of New England, while accomplishing her Master of Public Health. Her thesis focused on efforts to improve chronic disease control in rural Nigeria through improving access to maintenance medications, screening, and patient education. Furthermore, the focus expanded to methods for internationally based non-government organizations to maintain these programs via virtual management strategies and promoting local partnerships to improve sustainability.

Alison is passionate about improving healthcare through education, health promotion programs, and improving access to care.

Alison has lived and traveled throughout the United States. In her free time, Alison enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures. As an avid world traveler, she has explored over 35 countries, and has been to every continent except Antarctica.