Dispensary- Pilot Program

Our pilot program officially started in June 2019!

The program will focus on providing medications to manage diabetes and hypertension, along with education on lifestyle modifications. Our goal is to create a long-term program that can be ran and sustained by our local volunteers with virtual oversight by our U.S. based volunteers and board members.

If you are a local health care profession interested in volunteering, please contact us!

What is a pilot program?

A pilot program is a small-scale, short-term trial. The intent of a pilot program is to test the program, learn, and improve upon it before implementing on a larger scale.

Dispensary- Pilot Program

At the end of our 2018 medical mission, 10 patients (5 each with uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension) were enrolled in our pilot program that will lead to possible inauguration of the Foundation Medication Dispensary program in Oza-Nogogo in Spring/summer 2019. These patients will have monthly follow-up with our medical team (Dr. Amos Ekoh and Nurse Dora Orhuerata) and will be receiving monthly supply of their medications as well as education on how to better manage their condition with basic lifestyle modification. Their progress will be document and tracked by the local medical team.