Mission Trips

Providing health screening and treatment to those in need

Most people in Africa do not have access to healthcare. While in some places patients wait for hours to see a primary care physician. COIMF strives to continue providing health care access to patients who have not seen primary care doctors for years in its catchment communities.


Mission Trip

Two medical missions were organized by the foundation in 2018


November 19, 2018 (Ewatto Village)

Approximately 120 people were screened for diabetes mellitus, hypertension and general health issues. Three-month supply of medications for diabetes and hypertension were provided to those that were known to have these diseases or those that screened positive for these diseas-es during the mission. Given everybody in attendance were local farmers, they all received pain medications, ointment for skin rash, eye drops and antibiotics as needed.


November 29, 2018 (Oza-Nogogo Village)

This medical mission was held in collaboration with the Oza-Nogogo Elite foundation (OEF) under the chairmanship of chief (Barr) Ben Oriahi as well as the National Association of optometrist, Delta State chapter. This was in conjunction with the maiden celebration of Oza-Nogogo cultural/thanksgiving Day held between on 29th November -2nd December 2018 at Oza- Nogogo Secondary Commercial School, Oza- Nogogo. Indigenes of Oza-Nogogo and other neighboring communities were in attendance in large number. As such 2018 medical mission was one of the most successful exercise since inception of the Foundation.

The medical mission was held in sections – General screening for hypertension and diabetes mellitus under direction of Dr. Amos Ekoh and Nurse Dora Orhuerata. About 1000 patients were screened and drugs were dispensed to every one of them as needed. Of the approximately 1000 patients screened for blood pressure and diabetes, four patients that were thought to have very severe form of the disease were identi-fied and referred for immediate emergency care by the Foundation’s Medical team. The second section was eye exams and provision of eye glasses. A good number of optometrists were on ground during the exercise. About 593 of the 1,250 people that were examined benefited from the program as they received eye glass and/or eye drops. Some patients were referred for further eye evaluation in the local hospital because of age (45) and other chronic eye conditions such as cataract/Glaucoma, etc. (67). A significant number of patients that were screened for blood pressure and diabetes mellitus also benefited from the glasses and eye drops. The eye glasses were provided free of charge by the COIMF through the generous support of our US based donors.

At the end of this medical mission, 10 patients (5 each with uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension) were enrolled in our pilot program that will lead to possible inauguration of the Foundation Medication Dispensary program in Oza-Nogogo in Spring/summer 2019. These patients will have monthly follow-up with our medical team (Dr. Amos Ekoh and Nurse Dora Orhuerata) and will be receiving monthly supply of their medications as well as education on how to better manage their condition with basic lifestyle modification. Their progress will be document and tracked by the local medical team. The following US based donors are currently sponsoring 8 of the 10 patients.

Donation of Medication and Supplies to Ika South Local Government Council


The leftover medications and supplies from the 2018 medical mission was donated to the local government council so they could be distributed to all local primary health centers. Given that the medications lifespan was short (most expiring before 4/2019), the founda-tion wanted to ensure these medications are able to reach more people in the local govern-ment area. The event was held on December 20th, 2018 and the Foundation was represent-ed by Mr. Philip Ojeriakhi Imudia. The Local Government Chairman (Hon. Barr. Victor Okoh) was ably represented by the Vice Chairman of the council, Mrs. Patience Agboma.


Of the 22 primary health centers in Ika South local government area, the following 17 primary health care centers were represented and received medications that will eventually be distributed in their local health centers:

1. Boji-Boji Model primary health center
2. Oyoko primary health center
3. Alihagu primary health center
4. Abavo central health center
5. Alihame health center
6. Aliagneai health center
7. Aliokpu health center
8. Alisimie health center
9. Uvbe health center
10.Ebudo health center
11.Oki health center
12.Alifekede health center
13.Emuhu health center
14.Igbogili health center
15.Udomi health center
16.Owuwu health center
17.Agbor-Obi health center


Mission Trip

For the second time in a row, the foundation continued its collaborative partnership with Agbor-USA in the organization and execution of its biennial medical mission. This time the medical mission was a two-day event in 4 different locations. The event took place on November 22nd and 23rd of November 2017 in Oza-Nogogo, Agbor, Agbor-Obi in Ika South local government and Ewatto in Esan South-East local government area.

Over 4000 people were screened and treated for different diseases in these different locations and COIMF was responsible for the acquisition and supply of Medications and planning of the mission.

The COIMF intends to continue this partnership and use all lesions learnt from these previous missions in improving future mission and will strategize on converting this to an annual as opposed to biennial events.


Mission Trip

In November of 2015 COIMF participated in its second biennial mission trip. With a collaborative agreement with Agbor-USA, also a non-profit organization based in the US, this mission trip was able to help people from the entire Ika South local government area of Delta South. The Clifford Ojeriakhi Imudia Memorial Foundation was responsible for the acquisition and supply of medications and planning of the mission. The COIMF intends to build on this relationship for future medical missions.


Mission Trip

In November of 2013 COIMF participated in its first mission trip with the support of our local partnerships. Three doctors from the Americas where joined by local medical practitioners (four doctors and twenty nurses). During this trip 924 individuals participated in the medical screening and treatment. Apart from patients within Oza-Nogogo, Alisimie, Alisor/Alileha and Omumu area, people came from Alifekede, Abavo, Boji Boji, and surrounding communities to be treated. The treatments were focused primarily on diabetes and High Blood Pressure.


An alarming prevalence of hypertension was observed during this trip, solidifying the need for health intervention in the community. The average blood pressure value was measured at 146/83. Only 20% or 2 out of 10 people in the community were found to have normal blood pressure measurements. Over 50% of those screened were observed to have values consistent with stage 1 and 2 hypertension.


4.8% of those screened were observed to have blood glucose values consistent with diabetes. While this prevalence rate is normal for the region, and world, it is still a major concern as these individuals have limited access to treatment, leading to uncontrolled diabetes and increasing their risk of disability and death