Building a stronger community through scholarship programs; supporting local students and helping them reach their education and career goals.

Scholarship Program

  • Provide financial aid to selected students
  • The financial aid will cover tuition, books, school uniform, and nutritional food allowance as needed
  • Students from Oza-Nogogo and Agbor area
  • Emphasis on specific career such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Agronomy etc.
  • Required to participate in community development project during their vacation

The State of Higher Education in Nigeria

Paschal Erhabor
5th year Medical Student – University of Benin.

Nigeria has such system of higher education that offers equal opportunity to all and sundry irrespective of the particular field of study or one’s area of interest. It is such that anyone can study in any part of the country according to choice so that, no particular institution is meant for particular people or ethnic group, or social class. We can therefore better appreciate Nigeria’s system of education under the following thematic headings: Options for higher education in Nigeria, How to earn admission? And challenges of the education system...

Since 2013 COIMF has provided scholarships to support the education of 14 University students.

  • Amadin J. O.- Mathematics
  • Bettyna U. M.- Medicine
  • Daisy N.O.- Accounting
  • Darlington E.- Engineering
  • Eghosa E.O.- Engineering
  • Elijah O. A.- Biology
  • Gift I. - Computer Science
  • Godspower A. A.- Engineering
  • Ifeanyi F. I.- Engineering
  • Osagie I.- Medicine
  • Osatohamwen O.- Education
  • Osaze E.- Law
  • Paschal E.- Medicine
  • Yehoshua O.O.- Law

Since 2013 COIMF has provided scholarships to support the education of 31 secondary school students.

  • Eboh S. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Egbon S. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Ehiosu M. - Ime-Obi Secondary School
  • Ehiwogun G.- Alisimie Secondary School
  • Eric O.- Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Goodluck M. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Goodness K. O.- Omumu Secondary School
  • Iginosa E. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Iguidia D. – Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Igudia S. – Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Imafidon G. - Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Nmoye G. -Dein Secondary School
  • Nmoye M. - Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Nmoye P. - Dein Seondary School
  • Nosa P. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Noseregbe O. – Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Nwadam C. –Alisimie Secondary School
  • Ochei F. -Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Odiase W. - Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Ogor P. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Ojogan E. - Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Okwazu E. - Ime- obi Secondary School
  • Omorogie I.- Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Onyibe N. - Alisimie Secondary School
  • Osadebe V. - Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Osaigbovo V. - Ime-obi Secondary School
  • Osenwengie V. Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Otabor D.- Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Otabor D.- Oza-Nogogo Secondary School
  • Peter V. - Omumu Secondary School
  • Sandra O.- Oza-Nogogo Secondary School

The scholarship fund received from your noble foundation played a tremendous role and contributed a great deal in sustenance and increase academic concentration and performance. As tedious as school life is and the study of law is, the money I received as scholarship played the miraculous role of doubling my portion. Where hitherto I would not eat to class, I had means to have breakfast and this aided in concentration in classes. Also, purchase of books and law materials which are necessary to call in aid in progressive learning. Photocopy of old, out of print books and materials that were referenced and or authored by our lecturers. Further, from that money, I paid my school fees. That was the greatest and best gift to me and my parents this session. Thank you for them all. Again, I affectionately implore, guard diligently.

Yehoshua O. Odiase

I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thanks to the Clifford Ojeriakhi Imudia Memorial Foundation for helping me make my dream come true.

Iyere Ifeanyi Festus

The COIMF scholarship has helped in no small measure the pursuit of my dream, which is to become a renowned chemical engineer. When I first gained admission to study computer engineering in the University of Benin, in the 2012/2013 session I had a written down plan that will guide and guard the achievement of set goal. Part of the plan was to go for seminars and workshops that will help me develop above my peers. Thanks to the COIMF scholarship I was able to attend all the set seminars for last session. The scholarship helped me pay my tuition, all departmental and faculty levies. It helped in the purchase of handouts and textbooks. In addition to all these, the scholarship also helped me purchase two textbooks that will aid my pursuit of this dream. I must say that I will forever by indebted to the COIMF scholarship board for this great opportunity and I promise not to let you down.

Efeijamu Darlington

Pay it Forward

Help the youth of Oza-Nogogo and neighboring communities with scholarship funding